Getting started with SAS
Introduction SAS Installation and Access Nuts and bolts of SAS programming steps SAS Input Statement DATA Step Statement Key Data Ware House Concepts Execution of SAS Programs (Compile & Execution)
Overview of SAS Statements SAS Comments SAS Data set definition SAS Data Types Two parts of SAS Program Difference between DATA and PROC Steps
Navigating the SAS windows environment
Editor,Log,Output,Explorer,Results windows Submitting a SAS Program Reading SAS log and Output window Referencing files/folders into SAS SAS Libraries (Permanent & Temporary) SAS Data sets with SAS Explorer SAS Products / Modules SAS in different Sectors SAS System Options SAS Global Statements
DATA ACCESS SAS Programs (Saving,Editing,Opening a stored program) Steps to create a SAS Dataset from raw data Referencing a SAS Library Storage of Dataset (Temporarily & Permanently) Informats & Formats

Creating & Applying user defined formats Methods for getting data into SAS Entering Data into a view table Reading internal raw data (List,Column,Formated & Mixed Inputs) Reading external raw data (Infile Statement) Import Wizard method Proc Import Testing your Program Assignment Assignment Solution Key Takeaways
Data Management Reading data from one dataset to another dataset Sub- setting Data Creating and Modifying Variables SAS Datasets Statements SAS Dataset Options Merge Concept
Conditional Statements & Loops If Statement Nested if Statement Do loop Do while & DO Until Arrays Assignment Assignment Solution Key Takeaways
SAS Functions Character Functions Numeric Functions Date Functions Time Functions Changing variable types
Utility SAS Procedures Proc Contents Proc Print Proc Setinit Proc Append Proc Sort Proc Format Proc Compare Proc Transpose Proc Rank Proc Copy Proc Catalog Proc Cport Proc Cimport Proc Datasets o Assignment o Assignment Solution o Key Takeaways
SAS/STAT for Analysis Proc Freq Proc Transpose Proc Standard Proc Univaraite Proc Means/Summary Proc Corr Proc Reg  

SAS ODS Data Presentation ODS Concept SAS output in different panels RTF HTML PDF XML MS-Office
Reporting Procedures Proc Print Proc Tabulate Proc Report Proc Export Custom Reporting Using _null_ special dataset Put and file statements for customization o Assignment o Assignment Solution o Key Takeaways
SAS/Graphs Plot Procedures Proc plot Proc Gplot Proc Chart Proc GChart Proc G3D PROC SGPLOT Proc GBarLine

Advanced SAS
Introduction to SQL SQL Terminology SQL Statements Introduction to SAS SQL (Proc SQL) SQL categories Importance of PROC SQL Creating & Deleting Tables Overview of SELECT Statement ORDER BY Clause GROUP BY WHERE Clause SQL Joins Concept of views Case Operator o Assignment o Assignment Solution o Key Takeaways
SAS MACROS Introduction to Macros Uses of Macros Macro Concepts (Macros Processor , Components) Types of Macros (Automatic & User Defined) Macro Variables (Local & Global) Creating Macro Variables o %Let Statement o %Do Statement o % Local o %Global %Macro (with or without parameters) o Call Symput in Data Step Macro Parameters (Key word & Positional) Macro Function Macro Conditions (%If, %If % then…) Invoking Macros Debugging Macro Errors (Mprint,Mlogic,Symbolgen) o Assignment o Assignment Solution o Key Takeaways
Additional Understanding in SAS SAS Coding Standards Efficiency of SAS Programming Error Handling Concepts SAS in other Operating Systems (UNIX & MainFrames)
SAS BI Suite /Product Stack
Overview on SAS BI Suite SAS Enterprise Guide SAS DI (Data Integration) Studio SAS Management Console SAS OLAP Cube Studio SAS Web Report Studio SAS Info Map Studio SAS Info Delivery Portal SAS Enterprise Miner