Database System Administration Course

Become Database Administration Master by online learning.


Introduction to PostgreSQL, Exploring the Database, Configuration, Server Control, Tables & Data, Security, Dtabase Administration, Monitoring & Dignosis, Regular Maintanance, Performance & Concurrency, Backup & Recovery, Replication, Upgrades, Migration & Maintanance.

Oracle DBA 11g


Microsoft SQL Server

Introduction to DBMS, Introduction to SQL Server, TSQL, Data Manipulation Language, Data Query Language, Joins, Sub Queries, Indexing, Views, Cursors, Stored Subprograms, CLR Integration, Working With XML Datatypes, Backup & Restore, Attach & Dettach.

Oracle RAC

Learn about RAC cluster, Grid Infrastructure, Installation Task, RAC Database Administration, ASM Instance Administration, ASM Disk Group, RAC Mgmt Command, Performance Tuning, Add & Delete Nodes, Oracle and Patches


Learn about Oracle SQL/ PLSQL Fundamentals, Semantics & Constructs, Properties & Conventions, Conditional Constructs, Exception & Error Handling, SQL With PL/SQL Programming, PL/SQL Objects, Package Concepts, TRIGGERS, PL/SQL Debugging

Oracle D2K Forms&Report's

Introduction to D2K, Forms 6i Builder Components, About Forms, Modules & Form Objects Data Blocks, Base Table Block, Control Block, Tools Of Report 6i & 10g, Report 6i Builder Components, Different Report Styles, Type Of Parameters, Manual Report Creation and Advance Concepts.

Oracle DBA 12c

Oracle DBA 12C Course Content, Data Creation, Oracle Networking services, Connectiong Tools to Database, User Management Security, Oracle Instance, Redo Log File Management, Control File Management 

Microsoft Access

Introduction To Database, Creating & Working With Database, Tables & Fields, Finding, Filtering & Formatting Data, Normalizing Data, Relationships, Queries, Forms, Subforms, Standard Reports, Pop Up Reports, Sub Reports, Snapshots Etc..

Oracle Golden Gate

Introduction, Technology Overview, Architecture, Installation, Configuration Overview & Preparing the Environment, Extract, Replicat, Data Pump, Performing Initial Load, Editing Configuration Parameters, Filtering & Data Selection, Additional Transformation Concepts, Bidirectional Replication, DDL Replication

Microsoft Office 365

Learn About Microsoft Office 365 & Sharepoint Introduction & Its Different Modules.

Oracle apps DBA

Learn ABout R12 Oracle Applications Install, Components and Architecture, Configuration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Patching, Tool kit and other Important concept.

Salesforce Development

Learn Salesforce Development Basics to Advance Level. Introduction to OOPS Concepts, DataTypes, Controllers, Wrapper Classes, Triggers, Packages, Batch Apex, Different Sandboxes And many more Advance Concepts.

Salesforce CRM

Learn Salesforce Concept, Managing Data, Implementing Buisness Process, Enhencing the User Interface Etc.

Business Analyst

Introduction, Tequirement Documentation, Tools Overview, Practical Application Sessions

Salesforce Administration

Introduction, Services, Application, Sales Cloud Overview, Database Model, Field Creation & Relationships, Field Dependencies, Page Layouts, Record Types, Email Templates, Workflows, Validation Rules, Users Roles, Data Utilities, Report Types

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