Introducing Group Policy

  • Group Policy Preferences and Settings
  • Understanding Group Policy Objects
  • Global v Local GPOs
  • Managing Group Policy
  • Group Policy Administration Tools

Creating an Organizational Unit Structure

  • Folders V Organizational Units
  • Planning Organizational Unit Structure
  • Creating and Editing Organizational Units
  • Object Permissions in Active Directory

Administrative Control and Active Directory Security

  • Introduction to Object Security in Active Directory
  • Securing Active Directory Objects
  • Designing an Administrative Control Strategy
  • Delegating Administrative Control of Active Directory Objects
  • Best Practices for Delegating Administrative Control

Server 2012 Policy Changes

  • Deploying Group Policy
  • Ensuring that Group Policy is Up-to-Date
  • Server 2012 Policy Changes
  • SYSVOL Changes
  • Replication Changes
  • Applying and Linking GPOs
  • Using Default Policies

Managing Group Policy

  • Understanding Resultant Set of Policy
  • Managing Local Group Policies
  • Managing Domain Based Policies
  • Delegating GPO Management
  • Managing your GPOs
  • Managing Group Policy Preferences

Advanced Group Policy Management

  • Using Change Control
  • Managing Controlled GPOS
  • Controlling GPO Versions and History

Searching and Filtering

  • Finding Policy Settings
  • Searching for GPOS
  • Using Security Group Filters
  • Introducing WIMI Filters

Maintaining the SYSVOL

  • Migrating the SYSVOL
  • Maintaining the SYSVOL
  • Generating Replication Reports

Group Policy Processing

  • Managing GPO Inheritance
  • GPO Processing and Refreshing
  • Configuring Slow-Link Detection
  • Planning GPO Changes

Group Policy Software Deployment

  • Introduction to Software Deployment
  • Understanding Windows Installer
  • Deploying Software with Group Policy
  • Maintaining Deployed Software
  • Removing Deployed Software
  • Troubleshooting Software Deployment

Maintaining Group Policy

  • Maintaining GPO Storage
  • Copying, Importing and Migrating GPOs
  • Backing Up and Restoring GPOs
  • Troubleshooting GPOs